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Experience the Ultimate Clean with Inday Cleaners' Specialized Deep Cleaning Services!

We’re here to make your space shine. Our Specialized Deep Cleaning Services are all about giving you a clean and comfy environment. We believe in the saying “health is wealth,” and that’s why we focus on keeping your living or working space not just clean, but also healthy.

Our team of inday cleaners use advanced cleaning techniques to make sure every part of your home/office/rental property gets a good cleaning. We know your space is more than just a place; it’s where you live or work, and we want to help you make it a healthy and happy environment.

So, let Inday Cleaners be your partner in cleanliness. With our Specialized Deep Cleaning Services, we’re here to make your space not just spotless, but also a place where health and well-being thrive.

Our Specialized Deep Cleaning Services

Specialized deep cleaning, as offered by Inday Cleaners, is a comprehensive and detailed cleaning service that goes beyond regular cleaning practices. It involves specific techniques and methods tailored to address deep-seated dirt, grime, and bacteria in various surfaces. Here’s a breakdown of the key components involved in our specialized deep cleaning.

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This process focuses on removing stubborn grease and accumulated oils from surfaces. Whether it’s kitchen appliances, surfaces, or other areas prone to grease buildup, the degreasing step ensures a thorough removal of these tough stains, leaving surfaces not only clean but also free from sticky residues.

Wet and Dry Vacuuming

Wet and dry vacuuming is a crucial step in removing both liquid and dry debris from various surfaces. This method is particularly effective in extracting dirt, dust, and particles that may be deeply embedded in carpets, upholstery, or other surfaces. The combination of wet and dry vacuuming ensures a comprehensive cleaning approach for a variety of spaces.


Steaming is employed to sanitize and disinfect surfaces using high-temperature steam. This method is effective in killing bacteria, germs, and allergens, making it an ideal choice for areas where hygiene is paramount. Steaming not only cleans but also contributes to creating a healthier and safer environment.


Sanitation is a critical aspect of specialized deep cleaning. Inday Cleaners takes measures to ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly sanitized, reducing the presence of harmful microorganisms. This step adds an extra layer of cleanliness, promoting a hygienic living or working environment.

Our Process

Inday Cleaners follows a simple and convenient process to ensure a seamless and efficient cleaning experience for our valued clients. Here’s a step-by-step guide on the booking process.

1. Picture Assessment: To kickstart the process, share a photo of the area, furniture, carpet, or any item in need of cleaning. This visual aid enables us to assess the cleaning requirements accurately, allowing us to determine the most effective approach for your specific task.

2. Cleaning Approach Evaluation: Once we receive the picture, our seasoned team thoroughly evaluates the cleaning needs. Our goal is to understand the unique demands of your space or belongings. We then tailor our cleaning methods to ensure optimal results, using our expertise to choose the most suitable approach.

3. Final Quote: Following the assessment, we provide you with a comprehensive and transparent final quote for the cleaning service. This quote includes all relevant details, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the cost associated with the cleaning job.

4. Agreement and Information Form: Upon your agreement with the quoted price, we send you a simple form to gather additional details. This step ensures we have all the necessary information, such as your address, preferred booking date, and other contact details, to facilitate a smooth and personalized cleaning service.

5. Payment Process: After receiving the completed form and confirming the details, we initiate the payment process. Our secure and user-friendly payment system ensures a hassle-free transaction, allowing you to finalize the booking with ease and confidence.

6. Congratulations! Your Cleaning is Booked: With the payment processed, your cleaning service is officially booked. Our dedicated team is now prepared to execute the agreed-upon cleaning approach, revitalizing your space, furniture, carpet, or any other items, and leaving them looking fresh and renewed.

Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated

We ensure quality


Our commitment to convenience is exemplified through our all-inclusive approach. We bring all the cleaning materials and cleaning supplies needed for the cleaning process. You won’t have to worry about stocking up or preparing anything – we’ve got it all covered. This ensures a truly hands-free experience, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a clean space without any additional stress.

Tailored to Your Schedule

Inday Cleaners understands the dynamic nature of your schedule and strives to make the cleaning process as effortless as possible. To streamline your experience, our website features a user-friendly booking form where you can input your specific requirements and select a schedule that suits you best.

Serving Multiple Locations

Inday Cleaners takes pride in serving various locations, including Manila, Cavite, Tagaytay, Laguna, Quezon, and more. Wherever you are, our commitment to providing top-notch, stress-free cleaning services remains consistent. Enjoy the convenience of our services.

Materials Used

We recognize the importance of preserving the integrity of your surfaces. Our cleaning materials are carefully selected to ensure they are gentle yet effective, safeguarding the longevity of your furnishings while achieving the desired level of cleanliness. From soap and detergent to gloves, dust bags, brooms, mops, vacuums, sponges, and even ladders, we come fully equipped. Each item is chosen for its efficiency in delivering a meticulous cleaning service tailored to your unique needs. We openly communicate the materials and products we use, allowing you to make informed choices about the cleaning process.


Your satisfaction is our priority. We stand by the quality of our services. If you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of our specialized deep cleaning, we will address the issue promptly and make it right.

Inday Cleaners isn’t just about cleaning; it’s about creating an ambiance of tranquility and charm. Our Speacialized Deep Cleaning Services rejuvenate your space, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – enjoying a comfortable and inviting home.

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