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We enthusiastically embrace special projects and unique requests from our clients. To discuss your specific needs, kindly reach out to us
via email or text. This way, we can provide you with a competitive rate and seamlessly incorporate these projects into our upcoming
cleaning schedule.

Our regular working days are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We recommend coordinating your cleaning on the
same day and time each week for both your convenience and ours, ensuring a consistent schedule.

You need not be present at home during our cleaning sessions. If you have an alarm system, please furnish us with the necessary key
code to disarm and rearm the system when we enter and exit your property. Additionally, if access to your home requires a house key,
please provide one. Please note that a Php 1000 lockout fee will be applied in cases where we have a confirmed appointment but cannot
access your property.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, necessitating a change in your cleaning appointment. Effective
communication is vital. If you need to reschedule, please contact us via phone, text, or email as soon as possible. We will make every
effort to accommodate your needs and reschedule your cleaning at the earliest available time. Likewise, we commit to the same
courtesy. As long as you provide a 24-hour notice, there will be no Php 1000 cancellation charge.

In the event you or your household members are afflicted with a contagious illness (such as the flu, a cold, pneumonia, chickenpox, etc.),
please contact us to reschedule your cleaning. Even though we maintain strict sanitation practices, there is a possibility of germ
transmission to other homes or our staff falling ill. To ensure the well-being of all our clients, we prefer to wait until you are in good
health. Similarly, we may need to take precautions and call in sick to protect you and your family.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction. If, at any time, you are not entirely content with our services, please reach out to us immediately
at +63 9171157681. We are committed to addressing your concerns promptly or refunding your cleaning fee to your full satisfaction.

Payment is before time of service. We offer secure and preferred payment options such as credit/debit card or electronic check
through Gcash/Paymaya. This method not only ensures security but also maintains an electronic record for your reference. To make a
payment, visit choose a package and then proceed to checkout. Alternatively, we also accept cash, which can
be left on the kitchen counter. If you prefer the convenience of automatic billing, we can securely keep a credit card on file and charge
each cleaning after your approval.

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